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TotalCare Wellness – Workplace Wellness Portal

Workplace wellness coaching is a highly effective approach to modifying health risk behaviors. To supplement wellness coaching – or as an alternative for those who prefer a self-help approach – Members also have 24/7 access to the online TotalCare Employee Wellness Portal.

The TotalCare Employee Wellness Portal is designed to provide employee health and wellness information, tools and challenges that will help employees monitor key health statistics and track progress toward living a healthier life. Members can log in at any time and check their dashboard and many other features, including:

  • Health risk assessments (HRAs)
  • Biometric screenings and data tracking
  • Pedometer tracking program
  • Wellness videos
  • Online coaching center
  • Monthly wellness newsletters
  • Personal wellness journal
  • Healthy recipes and grocery lists
  • Fitness and nutrition planner
  • Wellness incentive programs
  • Mobile app

Improved Employee Health & Wellness through Our TotalCare Diet and Nutrition Center

Members and their families looking to improve their diet have access to a complete Diet and Nutrition Center that can help them track and understand their food intake, provide dietary recommendations based on key biometric screening and can even provide menu planning and shopping lists based on an individual Member’s goals.

Workplace Wellness Management Reporting

The TotalCare Wellness Portal also offers comprehensive wellness program reports for managers. Employers can access key data, including reports that track aggregate health risk appraisals, employee and dependent participation, wellness incentive management, key biometric data and overall return on investment.