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Wellness Coaching Services – an Integrated Approach to Behavior Change

ESI’s certified Wellness Coaching services are the industry’s gold standard: We offer integrated teams of Wellness Coaches and Behavioral Health Counselors to address the mental, emotional and physical issues that are all part of changing behaviors.

Our comprehensive Health and Wellness Coaching services include specialized Wellness Coaches in the five primary health risk areas:

  • Nutrition Coaching – including diet, nutrition, weight, meal planning, and more
  • Fitness and Exercise Coaching – including Fit Plans, goal setting, tracking, and more
  • Stress Reduction Counseling – including evaluations, trigger identifications, management plans and more
  • Tobacco Cessation Counseling – including assessments and customized Plans to Quit
  • Substance Abuse Counseling – assessment, referrals and more for alcohol, prescription medications or other substance dependence

Initiating Wellness Coaching Services

TotalCare Wellness Coaching starts with a simple phone call. Upon calling, an employee Member speaks to a Certified Wellness Coach who determines the Member’s needs and goals. Coaches tailor a plan for every Member that accesses the program. Plans might include referrals to Behavioral Health Counselors, to community-based services and programs, or to specialized counseling. Our Certified Wellness Coaches provide motivation, measurement, and monitoring throughout, and the Wellness Coach will continue managing the case until health and wellness goals are completed.