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Tobacco Cessation Coaches

ESI’s Tobacco Cessation Coaches help our wellness Members successfully stop the nicotine habit, whether it be smoking, vaping, or chewing.  Members who want to quit smoking or kick the tobacco habit simply call our toll-free number to access a Tobacco Cessation Coach, who assesses the Member’s current tobacco use and creates an individualized “plan to quit.” Each plan is tailored to meet the Member’s specific circumstances and lifestyle to maximize the potential for success.

Today, most people are aware of the dangers of smoking. On average smokers die 10 years earlier than nonsmokers, and about 50% die of a tobacco-related disease. The more years of smoking, the greater the odds stacked against the smoker and the higher the risk. Despite this, about 36.5 million U.S. adults (or about 15% of the population) still smoke or use some form of tobacco. Every year, 480,000 Americans still die from smoking. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), tobacco-related illness costs more than $300 billion a year in the U.S., including nearly $170 billion in direct medical care for adults and $156 billion in lost productivity.

Wellness coaching leads to successful tobacco cessation

Most smokers today have already tried to quit, but failed. That’s par for the course – about 60% of all first attempts at quitting fail. But the more times smokers try to quit, the more likely they will be to succeed. Sometimes it’s just a question of finding the right plan to quit – the one that will match your lifestyle, your particular habit and your unique stressors and triggers. Our Tobacco Cessation Coaches are familiar with and have access to a variety of quit smoking tools, plans, and supports – and know the ones that work best.

Access to an ESI Tobacco Cessation Coach starts with a simple phone call. The wellness coach will then:

  • Evaluate a Member’s needs through an in-depth assessment
  • Identify barriers to behavior change
  • Establish goals and build a personalized plan
  • Provide support and counseling
  • Refer the Member to appropriate support resources, as needed (facilities, equipment, etc.)
  • Provide access to a Stress Coach, if needed
  • Provide regular follow-up to measure improvement and re-set goals, if needed

Immediate benefits

The benefits of quitting tobacco are almost immediate. After just 20 minutes, blood pressure and heart rates start settling in to normal levels. Within one month, there is a decrease in risk of diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Within 3-9 months, the lungs are healing. By 15 years, the risk is lowered to about the same as a nonsmoker.