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Stress Counseling / Coaching

Everyone experiences stress, but sometimes bad stress can get the best of us and that’s when TotalCare Wellness Stress Counseling and Coaching can help. It is not whether we have stress in our lives but how we manage it.

Stress is our body’s natural reaction to the demands of life. Those demands can be good or bad. Good stress can motivate us and equip us to face challenges. Think of taking a trip, competing for a promotion at work, or playing a competitive team sport.

Bad stress, on the other hand, can deplete us and sap our energy. Bad stress may be related to real life events, such as death, divorce, health crises and financial troubles. People also commonly point to work as a source of stress – whether it’s feeling overloaded with too many deadlines, the pressure of juggling work and family, or stress due to conflict with colleagues or a boss. Traumatic events such as being involved in natural disasters, accidents, assaults, or health crises can also leave a residue of stress. Bad stress can even be a result of internal triggers, such as fears or unrealistic expectations we impose on ourselves.

No matter the cause, too much bad stress over too long a period can take a toll on our health. Ongoing stress can contribute to life threatening conditions such as heart disease, weight gain, high blood pressure and diabetes. Plus, all too often, people turn to unhealthy behaviors like drinking, smoking, overeating or taking pills in a misguided attempt to control the stress. Relying on such behaviors for stress relief can create an unhealthy cycle that layers problems on top of problems, and can easily spiral out of control.

Here’s the good news: Although you can’t eliminate stress, you can learn stress management techniques.

A Member employee who calls for help with stress will work with the Stress Counselor / Coach to complete a stress evaluation designed to identify both apparent and underlying sources of stress. The Counselor helps the Member employee to build an individual Stress Plan, which serves as a long-term guide to managing stress.

The prime focus of this tailored program is to help the Member employee to identify their stress triggers and develop healthy approaches to resolving stress issues. The therapeutic approach is customized based on the employee’s unique stressors. Resources include telephonic counseling or coaching, email follow-ups and helpful literature. Members also have access to an entire self-help library of articles, tools and videos to assist in successfully mitigating stress. If a Member employee has a crisis or severe symptoms that require immediate or intensive help, the Coach makes a referral to local providers for in-person sessions.