Wellness Coaching

ESI’s TotalCare Wellness delivers help from an integrated team of Certified Wellness Coaches and Behavioral Health Clinicians for the mental and emotional challenges each employee must overcome to improve their physical health. TotalCare Wellness adds a comprehensive menu of consulting services, resources and employee communication tools to build and support your worksite wellness program.

Fostering behavioral and lifestyle changes

At the core of every effective wellness initiative is behavior and lifestyle change. Quitting tobacco or other substances, reducing stress, improving diet or getting fit requires modifying habits. That’s why it is so important that wellness coaching and counseling services are delivered by an integrated team of certified Wellness Coaches and Behavioral Health Clinicians. Often, mental and emotional issues may be contributing to unhealthy behaviors – or vice versa. Before we can help someone change their body, we have to help them change their mind. It is critical to address the whole person – both the mind and the body – to ensure successful outcomes.

Only TotalCare Wellness from ESI provides this unique set of services that address both the body and the mind.

Starting Out: Access to a Certified Wellness Coach

TotalCare Wellness starts with a phone call. Members can call and talk to a Wellness Coach on an unlimited basis. Each Member who calls is scheduled to speak with a Wellness Coach who helps assess and determine the Member’s needs and goals and begin to set benchmarks for progress to reach those goals. Part of that process might entail a Health Risk Appraisal (HRA) to get a snapshot of current health risks and priorities. Depending on the action plan, the Member may continue working with the Wellness Coach, or may be referred to one or more of our specialized Wellness Coaches in the five primary risk areas: Fitness, Nutrition, Stress, Tobacco Cessation or Substance Abuse.

In addition to working with wellness coaches and counselors, Members have access to a wide range of supportive tools and resources, from a robust Wellness Portal and an accompanying wellness app to a self-help library of thousands of videos, articles, and web resources. Whatever the challenge, we can work with Members to find a custom plan designed to reach established goals.

Incremental steps, achievable goals

Coaches tailor a plan for every Member who seeks help by focusing on small, incremental, achievable goals. Plans might include referrals to community-based services and programs or to specialized counselors. Our Certified Wellness Coaches provide professional counseling, motivation, measurement and monitoring throughout, and the Wellness Coach will continue managing the case until goals are completed.