Strategies for Success: Workplace Wellness Incentive Models

When considering a workplace wellness incentive strategy for your organization, the good news is you have a lot of different options to choose from. Incentives can range from tangible rewards and special privileges to recognition and fun. Whatever types of incentive strategies you decide to put in place, encouraging peer support and even competition can help increase the impact.

There is no one tried-and-true wellness incentive model. It depends on the wellness program’s goals, resources, and the services being offered. Incentives and rewards can “sweeten the wellness pot” by demonstrating management’s investment in its employees. A thoughtfully designed wellness program encourages an upbeat, supportive, and creative work environment. Studies clearly show that when employees feel valued and appreciated, you’ll see higher levels of participation and engagement as they work toward their individual goals, as well as your corporate goals.

In this paper, we discuss various workplace wellness incentive models, we weigh in on their pros and cons, and suggest key success factors in implementation.