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Wellness Program Insights - Tools & Resources

Looking for help launching or improving your corporate Wellness Program? We can help! The following resources from TotalCare Wellness are designed to
offer insights and tools for employers and Human Resource managers.

Check back periodically for new resources – or click here to be notified when we update our tools.

TotalCare Wellness Programs Reduce Health Care Costs and Improve Productivity

Skyrocketing health care costs have thrust employee health and wellness front and center on every executive’s radar screen. The annual cost of medical care for a family of four is over $22,000 – up nearly 100% in the last decade. Most health care economists agree that costs will continue to rise at a similar rate. Click below to view our brochure to learn more. Click here for a PDF version.

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  • Best Practices: Workplace Wellness Incentives

    The number of employers offering some type of incentive program is estimated between 60 and 90 percent, depending on the size of the employer.

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  • Strategies for Success: Workplace Wellness Incentive Models

    When considering a workplace wellness incentive strategy for your organization, the good news is you have a lot of different options to choose from.

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  • The Impact of Wellness Premium Incentives on your Benefits Budget

    Wellness programs have been shown to not only improve employee lifestyle, but also deliver a healthy return on investment to employers who implement them.

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  • Assessing the Value of Corporate Wellness

    Wellness programs are quickly becoming one of the top three benefits that employers offer to their employees. Most employee benefits are offered for competitive reasons.

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  • Designing a Workplace Wellness Incentive Strategy that Gets Results

    In the early days of the wellness movement, incentives were simple things like apples, “comp” time, or an occasional gift certificate or door prize.

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