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Health Risk Appraisals

Health Risk Appraisals – also called employee Health Risk Assessments or HRA for short — are the gateway to a robust workplace wellness program. ESI’s TotalCare Wellness program includes numerous health risk appraisals including a general HRA and specific areas for heart health, stress, diabetes, and fitness.

More and more employers are making Health Risk Appraisals available to their work force – a good first step. Offering an HRA is generally the starting point in a broader program of engaging employees in their own health and wellness choices. Employers simply offer HRAs without taking additional steps to ensure that employees fill them out and then follow up are not maximizing the potential benefits – either in terms of dollar savings or potential positive health and wellness outcomes.

Our TotalCare Wellness HRAs are integrated into the overall workplace wellness program and we have several programs designed to engage employees and foster participation. As part of program initiation, Members are prompted to complete an HRA. If an organization is offering wellness incentives, completion of an HRA is often part of the incentive program. In addition to promoting HRAs to the group, individual employees can be prompted by their Wellness Coach to complete health risk appraisals to track their progress towards personal health and wellness goals.

While individual HRA data is confidential and HIPAA compliant, employers are able to track general participation data for incentive tracking as well as aggregate data for a snapshot of the employee population health & wellness.