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Comprehensive Employee Wellness Communication Program

Frequent communication and persuasive messaging is critical to any successful employee health and wellness program. The TotalCare Wellness Automated Digital Communications (ADC) system is a cornerstone in our workplace wellness messaging. It enables high-frequency, targeted communications in various media formats that deal with health issues, promote TotalCare Wellness coaching and counseling services and highlight all aspects of the employee wellness benefit program.

Change is a dynamic process, not an event. Research shows that people changing to a healthier lifestyle move through several cycles or stages of contemplation before they actually make a change. It is important that wellness communications reach out to employees and engage them at whatever point in the change process they may be.

Your Wellness Advisor will help you to plan and execute a comprehensive employee wellness communications plan that will reach all your employees and family members and create the highest level of participation.

As a first step in employee communications, we offer a supervisory presentation to orient your management team to the overall employee wellness program. We also provide a range of wellness Senior Management communication tools including wellness program benefit introductory letters from the president, management objectives and sample Wellness policy statements.

For employees, we provide you with state-of-the-art wellness communication tools, which include:

  • Wellness brochures, table tent displays, posters, and other collateral materials
  • Explanation of the Workplace Wellness Coaching process
  • Communication about Health Risk Appraisals (HRAs)
  • Employee Wellness Incentive Communications
  • Employee Workplace Wellness Presentations
  • Email Communications (wellness tips)
  • Topical health and wellness video presentations
  • Health Fair Planning and attendance
  • Wellness Workshops
  • Wellness Portal and Wellness Apps